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Hotspot Shield is one of the best internet security solutions in the world right now. It protects your browsing from people snooping around or even worse, trying to hack your credit card information or peeking at your important documents. It also serves as a Virtual Private Network or VPN which is the main reason it is protecting your browsing.

Hotspot Shield also lets you use virtual locations ranging from Europe to the United States to Japan. This helps when certain websites block you from viewing because of the country you are in. One click of a button and your unblocked. To Download free Hotspot Software. You can either go to the main website or download from different sources. You can even download it from this website.

After a while of using Hotspot Shield for Free, you will unexpectedly be brought to a ‘payment wall’ and be left with an ultimatum to either buy the Hotspot Shield Elite subscription or never use Hotspot Shield again…

So, you are probably wondering how to bypass hotspot shield paymentwall With this crack available on the website, you can download Hotspot Shield for free. I do recommend buying the program as it is not that expensive every month for the Elite subscription.


Here you can get the Hotspot Shield Crack for FREE. If you have been using Hotspot shield without paying, but now you are suddenly required to pay to continue using, this crack or bypass is for you. If you got the payment wall that you aren’t able to bypass or just want to get the elite version for free keep reading.

hotspot shield download free

Hotspot Shield VPN is probably the top internet security solution available. It secures your online sessions, internet shopping, protects private information, protects from malicious threats on the internet, allow you to access blocked sites and a lot more.

Regular antivirus software protects your computer but Hotspot also protects your activities on the web. Hotspot Shield creates a VPN or virtual private network that creates a private tunnel around everything you do on the web. It protects you from people trying to see your information, protect from hackers, protects credit card information, messages, and so forth.

I have available the hotspot shield crack to get all the privileges and features of Hotspot Shild Elite for free. Go to the link to the bottom of the page and download the file. After downloading, Extract the file and open the folder to view the crack. Follow the instructions and that’s it. You will have Hotspot Shield Elite for free.

After downloading the hotspot shield crack, download the Hotspot Shild Elite Trial if you haven’t already. Next, follow the short and simple instructions you downloaded to apply the crack/bypass. Download link is below.


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